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When I was a child

I was so innocent, cheerful and full of energy

I listened to my parents advice

and my fathers sardonic smile always brought out the best in me

life was wonderful indeed

as I envisaged all I wanted to achieve

I never saw it coming

but childhood was so fast that I got lost in my teens

we were a team

and fooling around with friends was a routine

time went by

as I watched my dreams turn into faded scenes

Growth has a way of making the strong weak and the weak strong

it was fast indeed

now I lie on a sick bed

and I lament about how awful growth seems

Samuel Ebbah



 I lay on my bed with lost mind

my brain ceased to  find

the choice which I thought was mine

ended up being my worst night

had I missed a line?

for everything happened before time

the friends who were my prime

the remedy of my life

were as bitter as bile

my happiness seemed to be far

for what seems a mile

and if its been a while

then my God is alive

Samuel Ebbah