A traveller’s obsession

I’m a traveller wondering in a shambolic world hoping to find a place for myself.A place where I fit in and can call home.

A place where everyone accepts me for who I am and no one looks at me with so much disdain like I’m the cause of their misfortunes.

A place where heaven is on earth and hell is a nightmare.

A place where love is real and being loved makes a big deal.

A place where everybody is contempt with their lifes and no one strives for perfection.

A place where friendship is cherished and enemies are unknown friends.

A place which I live to find  and I find to live

To be continued……..

Samuel Ebbah

Maybe its me

My perception of a perfect love story where the prince charming takes the trophy princess fiona to a far away place had been the dream of an escapist,at least.

Or maybe it’s been me all this times

Maybe I’ve been too full of my self

Maybe I’ve been giving to much attention to friendship that I mistake it for love

And I forgot to love my self

Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places to find love to fill my emptiness so much that I cling on to every opportunity to love.

There has to be a reason why my journey to find true love has been like a walk to the moon.

Sometimes I try to act all tough

I put on a smile

I act like I’ve got it all figured out

But in the abyss of my heart I’m broken and I curse my self every day for it………………………..

Samuel Ebbah


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When I was a child

I was so innocent, cheerful and full of energy

I listened to my parents advice

and my fathers sardonic smile always brought out the best in me

life was wonderful indeed

as I envisaged all I wanted to achieve

I never saw it coming

but childhood was so fast that I got lost in my teens

we were a team

and fooling around with friends was a routine

time went by

as I watched my dreams turn into faded scenes

Growth has a way of making the strong weak and the weak strong

it was fast indeed

now I lie on a sick bed

and I lament about how awful growth seems

Samuel Ebbah


 I lay on my bed with lost mind

my brain ceased to  find

the choice which I thought was mine

ended up being my worst night

had I missed a line?

for everything happened before time

the friends who were my prime

the remedy of my life

were as bitter as bile

my happiness seemed to be far

for what seems a mile

and if its been a while

then my God is alive

Samuel Ebbah